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E6 1000GB Wi-Fi Wireless Mobile Hard Disk (White)

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This mobile hard disk supports Wi-Fi function.
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Wireless mobile hard disk
Supports Wi-Fi
Echoii one-stop data management experts and the interoperability between multiple smart devices
Supports APPLE iOS, Android, Windows, Mac. Systems
General Specs
Modell E6
Kapazität 1000G
Schnittstelle 1 X WAN; 1 X LAN; 1 X Wi-Fi; 1 X USB
W-lan 802.11 n
Leistung 12V 0.4A

The Echoii E6 is a media storage that broadcasts a wireless signal, allowing you to backup your personal data and download content stored on the storage,such as music, videos, photos and documents to an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, other tablets, smartphones, computers or any Wi-Fi enabled device. If you don't have an Apple iOS device, you can use a web brower to download your digital media to another device. The Echoii App, specifically for Apple iOS devices and Google Android devices, categorizes the digital media files you copy to Echoii E6s. All of your videos, photos, music and documents are available within the app for easy playback and viewing. It can sync all media files or only those supported by an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Android tablet& smartphone.

802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi Hotspot
More than just a media storage, Echoii E6s is also a full-featured wireless station with 802.11n technology for netbook, Google Android and Apple iOS devices. Echoii E6s can support one WAN port for PPPOE and DHCP working mode. Also it can support one LAN port for local computer and network printer.
802.11b/g/n wireless storage backup
As for media storage, Echoii E6 can successfully help you store and protect your private information. Never worry about running out of storage capacity on your tablet and smartphone. Also thanks for the powerful funtion of the Echoii App&Apk on your tablet and documnets stored on your Echoii E6s. It also allows you do the netsurfing while backup your data.
802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi Stream
With an Echoii E6s device you can wirelessly stream movies, music and pictures, and need not download all of your HD movies to your iPad&iPhone(without cables). Also it can wirelessly download to almost any Wi-Fi enabled device using a web browser such as Android device, notebook, netbook.  

USB2.0 Backup for both PC and Mac computers
Simply plug the Echoii E6s device into your PC or Mac computer to quickly sync your data.

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* Hard Disk


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